A.T.O.M.S. Minutes 6-25-17

After the May picnic at Edwards Park, where a fair number of members attended, and it seemed to me that everyone had a good time (we even had a couple of guests), we are meeting at our usual location.

Tom opened the meeting after everyone got their food. He introduced the speaker, Jeff Golla, PharmD, from the CVS at May.

Tom announced the birthdays, and announced the events for the next several months, including the Trivia Night on 8/25 at the Oklahoma History Center, and Bike MS on 9/30 – 10/1, starting in Norman and ending in Stillwater. Tom and Emily will have a booth at the Bike MS event, at one of the midway rest stops.  Contact Tom or Emily to see how you can support them.

Tom announced some upcoming seminars and webinars. Jul 12, (6:00 pm To 8:30 pm) – Genzyme maker of Aubagio is sponsoring an educational event titled “Listen, Learn, Live Life With MS” at Cattlemen’s Special Event Center; 1325 South Agnew Avenue; Oklahoma City, OK 73108; Jul 20 (5:30 pm To 7:30 pm) EMD Serono,inc. maker of Rebif, is having a live event titled “Let’s CHAT About MS Workarounds”. The location of the event is, Bravo! Cucina Italiana; 13810 N Pennsylvania Ave; Oklahoma City, OK, 73134, and on Jul 24, a Genzyme/Lemtrada Seminar at 3Sixty Restaurant; 5900 Mosteller Dr.; Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

Jacob announced that the Cleet Class for Police Officers was continuing (sensitivity training for Police Officers dealing with persons with disabilities), and they were now starting up a class for citizens to learn how to interact with Police officers.

The group talked about three of the members going to the new medication, Ocrevus.

One of the members announced that she was participating in the Senior Ms. Oklahoma Pageant on July 29. She said she has several sponsors to run ads for her to raise money.

Jeff Golla, was introduced to speak. He stated his wife, Jenny, was diagnosed with MS in 2010. He and his wife have a 501C3 charitable organization, for 7 years, in which they have a regular event, a crawfish boil to raise money for MS research. Tom and Emily have attended one of these. They have also worked with Johnnies, who has one day each month for charity organizations.

At Golden Circle Meeting, they met Tom and Emily. His wife is also involved with Walk MS.

After telling a little about himself, his connection to MS, and how he came to know Tom and Emily, he began to speak on his subject. He stated that there are lots of things to coordinate with medications. There are new technologies in the world, including mail order and specialty pharmacies.

CVS launched an App for the Pharmacy within the last year. It does a lot of things, once you set up your profile. You can set up medical reminders, update contact information, update alerts for medication refills, it has mobile pickup & pay, because it has a bar code with information on it. For update personal information and medications. Also helps in auto-refill. All through the App.

Script sync – can match medication for same day pick up for daily medications, cuts 4-5 trips to pharmacy down to 1, maybe 2 per month.

He has been at 50th & May for 7 years. He tries to make sure, and wants to make sure that his patients are getting the correct medications, correct dosages, etc. He stated, “If you are not sure your Pharmacy offers something, ask.”

Blue Cross does not currently use CVS. It is a contractual agreement, yearly or every couple of years, usually.

You can minimize potential medication hazards by providing a list of all medications taken, to the Doctor/s and this should also be provided to your Pharmacy/ies. Keep your Pharmacy up to date on changes of your medications and prescriptions to keep from having prescriptions refilled incorrectly after the doctor has changed or eliminated your prescription.

A question was asked if he saw a difference with a concierge service?  He stated that he saw no difference between a concierge service than with any other clinic, etc.

Blink Health –are independently cheaper. Through Blink and manufacture pharmacy contracts, medications can be obtained for cheaper.

He stated that his dad was a doctor, and saw many of the same issues that he sees.

Cymbalta issued to relieve nerve pain. Can also Pre-med to some other medications, that provide pains, etc.

CVS can pull up pharmacy in Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and others.

It was announced that a study is being done on Biotin (Vitamin B7) for MS.

And one member stated that since she started on Techfidera, she started loosing her hair, and has had a loss of Vitamin D and Vitamin B. She wanted everyone to be aware. Tom and Jeff both stated that sometimes there are side effects to a drug that are not listed, and were not recognized by the trial participants. The side effects listed on the drug sheet are ones that were reported by the trial participants, but there may be others that are discovered, once the drug goes to the general population. Their recommendation was to be sure to report any new issues you discover with a drug to the Federal Health & Drug Administration, and to the manufacturer. She stated that she had reported it.

A reminder for the Senior Ms. America-Oklahoma Pageant will be at the Oklahoma Christian University on July 29th, starting at 8 a.m. to about 9 a.m..

Our next get-together will be at Johnnies on July 16.  Check the newsletter for exact times.