ATOMS Minutes 2-19-17

Tom opened the meeting a little late, by the time everyone came in, got their plate, and said “hi” to everyone. Refreshments were provided by Alan and Candy.

Tom, announced the birthdays and the events, including an ATOMS Movie Night. All movies during open hours on Tuesday are available to ATOMS members at the discounted rate, at Tinseltown Cinemark, 6001 Martin Luther King Blvd in Oklahoma City. It is Tuesday, February 21st, and the cost is $4 per person. Their phone number is (405) 424-0461, or check them out on the web at Several great movies were playing, Fifty Shades Darker, Lion, The LEGO Batman Movie, and one that sounds interesting to me, A Dog’s Purpose. There’s also Rings, which is part of the sequel Lord of the Rings, and there is Monster Trucks, as well as several others. Tom said he would probably go to the LEGO Batman Movie.

Other events mentioned were several Can Do MS Webinars:

  • Tues, Feb 28 @ 7 p.m., “Discrimination on the Job”
  • Tues, Mar 14 @ 7 p.m., “Weight Management and Nutrition”
  • Sat, Mar 18, @ 7 p.m., “Jumpstart Program”
  • Tues, Mar 21 @ 7 p.m., “Knowing How to Navigate Leaving the Workforce”

Jody reminded everyone that the MS Walk was Saturday, April 22, at the Myriad Gardens. They were still looking for teams to sign up. Individuals can walk too, but please sign up.

On the thought of setting up the calendar for events, and the MS Walk, Tom asked when the group wanted to have our April meeting. He explained that the third Sunday is Easter, and asked if we wanted to meet on the 4th Sunday, or the 2nd Sunday? Jody mentioned that the 4th Sunday was the day after the walk. It was voted for the 2nd Sunday, April 9; so our April meeting is April 9th.

Under “Other News”, Stephanie mentioned she was setting up a bowling outing(s), if anyone was interested. Also she wanted to set up another River Cruise, but wanted input as to when would be a good time. The last time the River Cruise was set up, it didn’t have a very good turn-out.

Our activity for the day was a Paint Party!. Tom provided canvas, paints and brushes. He also brought some pictures we could duplicate, of Ice Cream Cones! Everyone seemed to enjoy it. The pictures were great; everyone had some wonderful ideas to put down on canvas. Not everyone painted ice cream cones. One member painted an American Flag, for instance. Another painted the symbol for the Green Bay Packers. Still another, painted a cross. No one was forced to paint, there were 2 or 3 that didn’t want to paint, but said they just enjoyed watching everyone and enjoyed the conversation. Paintings have been posted on Flickr in a photo album titled “Paint Party 2/19/2017” to view click on the button below.

As everyone was finishing, the meeting seemed to wind down and members started leaving. Everyone was gone by 5 O’clock.

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