ATOMS Minutes 11-20-16

Refreshments were provided by NMSS (Nat’l MS Society). It was a spread from Ted’s Mexican Foods.

Tom opened the meeting with announcements:

  • Dec. 1 – Noon – Dr. Pardo will be speaking at Pearl’s Oyster Bar, 5641 N. Classen
  • Dec 4 – 2-6 p.m. – ATOMS Holiday Party – St. Stephen’s Church. (See Below for details)
  • Dec 13 – 7 p.m. – Can Do MS Webinar: Sleep and MS: Strategies for Improving your Zzz’s

He talked about the calendar for the upcoming year.

  • Everyone agreed that the Ice Cream Social should be at the August 20 meeting, but at the church, because this year having it at the park, the ice cream had melted.
  • We’ll have the picnic in May over at the park.
  • Johnnies night will remain in July.
  • We’ll keep the calendar open for October or November for the update from Jason Klassen of the NMSS society. That left seven gaps in the schedule.

Alan said he would put something on the website for other ideas and suggestions.

Some suggestions mentioned at the meeting were:

  • Aquatic Therapy from Lighthouse.
  • Fall Prevention/Physical Therapy — Amy Thiessen has presented this.
  • Driving – and a related topic – Using Uber
  • Downsizing (Your Household) – for anyone having to move into a smaller place.

Tom talked about PACE doing a movie for the other 3 weeks of each month. This is a social event they do, it’s not considered a meeting. Tom said he would find out more about it from one of their members, and talk with some of the local theaters.

A few others mentioned the boat trip that we had this year, and that we could do again, if there was enough interest.

The next meeting is the ATOMS Holiday Party on December 4 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. RSVP to Jody Bukacek before Nov 30 if you want to participate in the dinner. The dinner will be catered by Smokin Chips, again. This year it will be BBQ Brisket, and turkey or smoked ham; the cost is $8 per peron. Michelle Jenkins will, again, be providing the entertainment. She was present and gave us a brief overview of the planned event.

There will be a Secret Santa Gift Exchange for anyone who wants to participate. Bring a gift, get a gift. Gifts are recommended to not exceed the cost of $10. The price was raised last year because it was felt that in order to get something halfway decent or nice, you had to spend close to that. Although Tom stated that re-gifting was appropriate.