February 2014

Newsletter Editor:  Jody Bukacek

Meeting Sunday, February 16, 2014  –  2:30 PM

St Stephens Presbyterian Church

2424 NW 50th  (NW 50th & Villa)

I apologize for the newsletter being late this month but Tom has been working with our potential speaker and unfortunately due to a conflict we will have them at a later date.  So being flexible like most people with or associated with MS we are at plan B.  A few times a year the NMSS provides DVD programs on relevant topics.  Tom & Emily are seeing which one it will be but these usually invoke some good conversations.

If anyone has any topics or speakers that you would like to have at any of our meetings, please let us know.  We want these meetings to have real meaning for you and once in a while our plans don’t always work.

MS Awareness Week is March 3rd thru 9th. If you have any contacts or events where we can help educate people about MS please call Beth at the office (488-1300*).

Don’t forget to sign up for this year’s OKC MS Walk on May 3rd at Wildhorse Park in Mustang (Details). Since we no longer have the cost of the Zoo and less restrictions we are hoping to make this into a more family friendly day with more activities.

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