The “Association To Overcome Multiple Sclerosis” has served the MS community in the Oklahoma City metro area, since 1954. We provide support and information to people newly diagnosed, those who have had MS for sometime, and their family & friends.

Benefits of joining ATOMS.

  • Learn new information and strategies for confronting problems.
  • Finding support from others.
  • The opportunity to help others.
  • Feeling empowered and more self-confident in coping with challenges.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Some of us who know who they are
    To Deniers / Anti-face maskers
    From: Republican Husband
    Friday evening At 10 PM my wife had a ruptured appendix. It took one hour for EMSA to get NW OKC. Mercy Hospital didn’t allow me at the Hospital.
    She had to wait two hours to be sent to a room with a ruptured appendix. She didn’t see a doctor until 10 AM Saturday. No surgery until 1 Pm Saturday. 15 hours in extreme pain BY HERSELF! Right here at OKC Mercy due to staff shortages due to Covid19 – Covid19 doesn’t care if you have individual RIGHTS.
    Do you see the problem with no masks NON BELIEVERS.
    This is real and it requires a community that helps each other out. Wear It Please.
    Think about this Parents.
    Would you want your daughter to have a boyfriend who didn’t believe in Protection because it violated his individual rights? Wear your seatbelt and your protection- Masks. Please


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